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Putting all of the power of modern, cutting-edge software applications right in the palm of your hands, Tech Shark gets your business up and running much more quickly

Swift, Intuitive, Scalable Service

You might have procured licenses for all of the most appropriate software applications, but they won’t add any value to your operations until they’re in the hands of your employees.

At Tech Shark, we employ software-driven processes that streamline the packaging, deployment and installation of software across disparate systems. Whether your employees are working remotely or from a centralised location, our quick, efficient approach to software distribution ensures that all of your teams have access to their new tools with minimal downtime, fuss or hands-on time required.

Distribution That Works For You:

  • Custom packages that ensure your employees get all of the applications that they need and none that they don’t
  • Software-driven distribution mechanisms that function seamlessly across application types and file extensions
  • Secure approaches that enable us to distribute software across your network with complete peace of mind
  • Scheduled installations that can push applications on timetables that minimise your operational disruptions
  • Expedited software deployments that enable your teams to get to work that much more quickly
  • Automated, end-to-end processes that reduce reliance on human labour and minimise distribution complexity
  • Completely managed distribution that helps assure businesses of a modernised, up-to-date software suite.
  • Friendly, meticulous support that’s always available to address the questions and concerns of our clients

Experience The Best In Distribution


Leveraging the capabilities of the internet, our teams are able to remotely distribute software applications to your computers and systems without requiring the use of physical media or an in-office presence.


The Tech Shark approach to software distribution is one that prioritises efficiency—our digital distribution mechanisms accelerate packaging while minimising the complexities associated with installation.


Our packages are pre-configured to the needs of each individual user on your network, ensuring that your in-house teams benefit from custom-built deployments that deliver precisely what they need, when they need it.


Our completely managed, hands-off process alleviates the burden placed on your IT team by handling every step from start to finish. Packaging, installation, post-install verification and more are all diligently taken care of.

How we help

Your problem is our problem

Managed Deployment For Your Every Need

Our focus lies on ensuring that businesses of all sizes have access to the software distribution support that they need to free up their in-house resources. To that end, Tech Shark employs the software-driven strategies that expedite each of the steps in the distribution process through a completely remote, hands-off methodology. Between packaging all of the core apps that individual employees need, installing them to each system and verifying the integrity of the files to eliminate the likelihood of critical software errors, our systems ensure that your business can leverage today’s cutting-edge software applications with less time needed for setup and a reduced need for an experienced IT team.

Up-To-Date At Every Step

Much like the rest of your business, software is something that is constantly evolving—whether they’re intended to bolster security or add valuable new features, the updates and patches rolled out throughout the lifecycle of your chosen software will go a long way towards ensuring that your business is extracting optimal value from its suite.

From established software that’s been around for years to new applications still receiving regular support, our distribution mechanisms ensure that you’re always receiving the latest and greatest versions of your chosen software.


Let's get here some of our's best milestones

Whether businesses are looking to distribute software for a new employee or for an entire team, our complete, end-to-end process ensures the same high standard of service. That way, businesses of all sizes can reliably turn to Tech Shark to meet their needs with minimal complications, frustrations or fuss.

Call to ask any question: 123-456-7890 or 456-789-1430


Call to ask any question: 123-456-7890 or 456-789-1430

Our software distribution services have been rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance across the software suites and hardware infrastructures of our clients. Whether your teams rely on MacOS or Windows operating systems, this time-tested approach always gets it right the first time around.


Our service is about ensuring that your business has access to the tools that it needs to optimise its operations and maximise growth. That’s why we prioritise the security and stability of our installations—reduced errors and critical software crashes mean more time that your employees spend being productive.

Call to ask any question: 123-456-7890 or 456-789-1430


Call to ask any question: 123-456-7890 or 456-789-1430

Whether you’ve undergone a gradual return to the office or have your teams working remotely, the packaging and distribution of your software becomes increasingly complex the more users that get added to the network. Thankfully, with Tech Shark by your side, that’s a concern of the past. Our distribution platform is inherently scalable, giving your teams access to everything they need, regardless of their size or location. Ultimately, it’s our effort that saves you the time, money and hassle associated with handling it all yourself.


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